Drawing Board

So I’ve unleashed the crayons on Lenny, and I wasn’t expecting anything more than scribbles to be honest. What I wasn’t expecting however, was how protective I would be of my crappy little crayon drawings. As a person of an arty nature, I was very distraught when Lenny brandished his crayon over Gerald the Giraffe, and squiggled a line through his head.

That creation had taken a good five minutes, and I was immensely proud of it. But, alas, it is no longer destined for the Tate Modern, I will simply have to find somewhere else to hang my masterpiece.

Also,crayons are incredibly difficult to blend, I wonder if Crayola have ever thought about this?

I have since managed to hide my disappointment from Lenny, and am now focusing on outlines of drawings for him to add his own stamp to. I think this is suiting us well.

There is no way he is coming near my very own colouring book though, that only makes an appearance after his bedtime. And I have my very own pencils which actually blend (oh the joy!) so I can unleash my creativity elsewhere.

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