New Year

Can’t believe its been nearly two months since I last posted, shame on me!

Well Christmas has been and gone, and so has Lenny’s second birthday, seriously where does the time go?

We have a proper little toddler on our hands now, we’ve entered the twos but it hasn’t been terrible so far. Yes, he has the odd yell and throws a toy occasionally, but to be fair we’re getting off pretty lightly.

Finally managed to upgrade him to a beaker for his juice, we must have at least 50 others in the cupboard (I’m not the only one right?). I think our next milestone is going to be tackling potty training. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it personally, but I’m sure it will click with him when he is ready.

Though, he has learnt how to open the front door now so have to make sure it is locked at all times! Its scary how clever little people are, don’t put anything past them! x

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