Work work work work work

We’re having a bit of a change around at work, and I’ve applied for a couple of internal jobs. Nothing major, I still have my job if I don’t get one of the new ones.

They asked me today about my hours, and stated that it would be a full time position. I work 30 hours a week currently, mostly because I value time with my family.

I didn’t really think about it at first, but a realisation has crept in that I might not actually be able to progress in my career, unless I go back to full time. Its upset me a bit, and I feel slightly discriminated against.

Its also made me think, that it might stand against me if I am working part time. I might not be considered for roles unless I guarantee I will be working full time.

I’m feeling a bit disheartened about it all, I shouldn’t have to choose between my family or my career.

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